Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Evil GM - Adventurer with... baby?!

I am in the process of gathering up some friends and doing a face to face game of D&D, and I told my friends, think about your character concepts as we will be rolling up characters next time we meet. I also advised them that I want them to work as a group and figure out their back stories, whom they know in the town, family members..etc. I wanted to see if they could form a well rounded group with characters that meant something.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Evil GM - AD&D 1e, Basic D&D and Marvel Super Heroes Character Creators!

Jump on over and check out the Html based character creator for AD&D 1e from or you can check out the Basic D&D character generator. Which ever one you need, each has a solid system and is very helpful.

Here is a great screen shot of the AD&D 1E Creator in action:

I will have to keep an eye on this as he improves it to see what happens with it as I am very happy to see this, as sometimes I just want to generator characters for a convention or a game at the local gaming store, but don't want to spend time rolling up all these characters.

Here is the Basic D&D generator in action:

Finally if you are a fan of Marvel Super heroes by TSR, you can get a generator for that as well! Check it out, its a small download:

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Evil GM - BLUEHOLME Prentice Rules

This morning I opened up my mail before heading off to work and I was happy to see the gift that was mailed to me by +Michael Thomas of Dreamscape Design! 

It was my very own personalized and authenticated copy of the BLUEHOLME Prentice Rules.

I wanted to put up a blog post and thank Michael personally, show everyone how great the book looks and tell everyone to pick up a copy!

Here is a link to pick it up via

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Evil GM - Prepping for your Game

How do you prep for your game?

I know I like to sit down, watching something that will really get my mind in gear, and then sit down for at least an hour a day, jotting down ideas for adventures.

Now these ideas don't have to be much more then a simple sentence or two, and don't worry about spelling mistakes or grammar, just write it down and get it down.

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Evil GM - Background Scenery - Do players care?

Was sitting down last night with all my books out on the table, planning for my D&D game.. I was at the part where I was thinking about designing up the town the PCs will be spending some time, How much time that was, depended on them. 

We all know you plan for things a certain way and either, its never used or its barely touched upon in the game. Good news is maybe your efforts can still be salvaged in a later attempt as you can always use in another session or two.

Do players really care, if you have set up the background, such putting in colorful NPCs, give details such as you hear the wind-chimes of the general store, while every once in a while you get the smell of a wet dog as you pass the watering hole area through your nose.

Sure that is all set up and mood setting, but should you continue to make the background colorful and alive, or just say MEH! moving on to the next thing as they really don't care?

I know I enjoy designing up the background stuff just as much as planning the entire adventure for the night. 

Its fun to see a town come to life on paper, and its even more fun to play it all out, but... 

Sometimes I get the feeling players don't give a crap.

Sure, I know, it all depends on the players and their personalities... blah blah blah. Yeah, I've heard it before and I know this.

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Evil GM - Ring of Bewitchery - Edition Neutral

Ring of Bewitchery 
by the Evil GM

Price:15,000 gp
Type: Ring
Weight -


The wearer of this ring has the ability to charm or manipulate any two legged humanoid of man size, it does not affect undead or large monsters. If the target fails their saving throw he instant becomes enamored with the wearer. The target will do anything to please the wearer within reason of the love target now feels over the wearer. Normal logic does apply here for the Referee as they will adjudicate what falls under the bounds of the enamored target and any such acts that will cause the target to do something they would not normally do (such as jump off cliff or kill a friend) will result in a saving throwing to break the charm. The target may have fallen for the wearer, but still has their own free will to make the final decision. (Rule of thumb, a loved one will what they can to please the one they love, but if it goes against their nature and them question it in their head, saving throw is needed). The target will get a chance to break the charm based on the following, referencing the target's intelligence:

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Evil GM - Mood Music during play?

I was sitting down with a friend this weekend as he was planning his adventure for his game during the week and he was running plots by me to see if they sounded good or not so good. 

Then he looked at me and said, "Well what if we grab some cool music and play it on a small speaker to help set the mood for each new area they enter. So if they are in a tavern some nice tavern music can be playing in the background."

I said to him if that's what he wanted, go for it, but ask the players first, seeing how they feel. Then I explained to him that in the games I've played in, that had "mood music" I felt it was too distracting and gave me a headache. 

But I also said that was me, everyone has different feelings about the situation and its best to ask or say to the group, "I am going to try a little mood music and its too annoying distracting please let me know."

What you think about "Mood Music"?

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Evil GM - Monster Mondays - Ice Goblins

Ice Goblins

Armor Class: 6 or 14 (depending on system)
Hit Dice: 3
No. Atks: 2
Damage: per weapon or d4 claw
  • Hide in plain sight (in icy/snow areas only) 
    • If standing completely still an ice goblin can blend in with the surroundings and can only be spotted if being actively looked for. (Difficult check required)
  • Unrestricted vision in snow like conditions
    • Ice Goblins have no issues seeing through snow falling that would normally restrict vision.
  • Bonus to balance, walking, climbing and running on ice.
    • Ice Goblins have no issues standing on, moving or climbing ice, its treated as a normal flat surface for them.
Weakness: Heat/Fire - each attack does double the normal damage.

For all other purposes these goblins can be compared to the system of your choice for the basics, unless modified above.

If an Ice Goblin is taken from its cold environment, it will slowly die as they need the cold to survive.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Evil GM - New Deity - Tymorn the Cannibal

Tymorn the Cannibal

Type: Titan
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Symbol: Bloody hand stump
Spheres of Influence: War, Rage and Hate
Typical Worshipers: Barbarians, tribesman, Humanoids of the wild
Avatar Hit-points (Human like form): 360
Armor Class (Human life form): 25 (-5)
Colors Related to god: Black and red

This Titan, when he comes down to stomp on the world, is 25 foot human like being known across the land as a powerful foe, crushing his enemy into the ground and feasting on their dead body during celebration. This god is only known to make a physical appearance when a kingdom has become too “bloated” or too “full of themselves” portraying that no one can oppose them.

His name is only whispered among people, as peasants feel saying his name too loudly will only draw his attention upon them. Some small kingdoms have taken to showing this so called god, respect and honor by sacrificing a person once a year, and having a celebration in his name. The thought process behind this is to show love and admiration of the god, so as he will not crush their entire kingdom into nothing.

The Titan is known to wear all black with hints of red in his normal garb, with a symbol of a bloody hand stump as his symbol.

Followers of this god tend to be primal people, such as Barbarians who live off the land. Followers will also adopt the life style like the Titan, and fill their lives with rage, hate and try to stomp over their foes, and rewarding themselves with the flesh as an offering to appease their god.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Evil GM - Characters on the path to Immortality?

I was looking at my shelf the other night and saw my old Basic D&D boxsets. My eyes fell upon the immortals boxset by Frank Mentzer.

Images came back into my mind of how much I enjoyed playing games in the earlier editions with as he so been dubbed in my podcasts, "The Great Joe DM". Queue the celebrated Angelic music.

How we played characters and were always looking for an angle to get our character into the Demi-god status or on the path to "immortal-hood". Yes I used that word instead of immortality, because of  the way it was an actual "class" you can become. Class might not be the right word, maybe just saying "thing" is the right word.

At one point, my friend was trying to become a lich and every adventure was based on his character becoming a lich in the end result. Not sure why he thought that was so cool, but he did for whatever reason attempt to do so. I guess it was as silly as my quest for my fighter to become a Death Knight, it was something we saw as teens and thought, "that would be AWESOME".

As my mind drifted, I soon started to question of how I haven't seen that many players doing the same things we did in the past as far as becoming a "legend". For years and years I've seen players have an end goal of becoming something that will keep their character living on forever. 

Nowadays, it seems everyone just players a character, not giving it much care at all. I am not saying that one edition is better then the other and it encouraged a player to care more about their character. 

Its just a passing notice I had while thinking about the early days. 

Now I know for certain, D&D 5E and Dragon Age really seem to encourage a player to really get into and build their character, not seeing him as a piece of paper, but more then that.

What are you thoughts?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Evil GM - Simple Grappling system? (Edition Neutral)

I was messing around with the idea of a quick and dirty grapple system for my games. I wanted something simple enough it can be resolved in a matter of a roll or two but not so simple one side over powers the other.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015