Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More thoughts on DND Next

After reading through the DND Next or 5e, as some call it, I am getting a bit disappointed in the material. Why? Well, the most I can say is I am not happy in the direct the character creation is going. I do think the characters will be getting a little too powerful at the lower levels. There is also an issue that characters can interchange roles and be one "super class". Like a fighter, running around casting (minor) spells to kill things with out penalties.

I know its only round two of the play test and WOTC is still planning on giving us more based on the feedback on this. I will stick around for round 3 and see what it has to say, but so far I do not like a bunch of things. I wish I could say more, but actually I can't even though we all know that anyone reading this more then likely signed up for the play test...



  1. My understanding is that backgrounds and similar things are optional. So if you feel the characters are getting too powerful from the game mechanics provided by backgrounds you can simply not allow any backgrounds at your table.
    5E seems to be about WotC giving you a bag of stuff and you choose what to use, and not use, based on your table's preferences.

  2. Except 40 years of history tells us that if you print it in core, however optional, it becomes the default and assumed you will all use it. This isn't like a splat book or character options. This is core material and unless it is a separate chapter called OPTIONS for character building at the end of the book (like psionics was) then people will use it and complain when they can't.

  3. Very true. If its in the core, people will just use it, and skip over the the keywords of pick and choose things.