Friday, March 18, 2011

Flash Back Friday, OD&D Ad!

Check this out, an old add to buy the basic set from TSR for levels 1 to 3...Ah...look at the price... I dont think you can purchase any D&D books for that cheap anymore. Look an enjoy, just don't print it and send it in, I'd imagine you will get nothing... but who knows :)


  1. The new Red Box can be had for about $13 through Amazon. Back in the 80s I paid $20 for D&D hardcovers and that is about waht I pay now through Amazon. So eventhough the MSRPs may have gone up 75-100% the actual prices have remained about the same (at least if you are buying through Amazon -- Game Store are a different matter).

    Thinking about how much I use my D&D books and adding in the free retroclones and RPGs are still a fairly cheap hobby.

  2. Right.. But I was trying to say that if it was today and that was a current AD... You would not be seeing those prices.

  3. True you nwouldn't be seeing that Boxed Set at that price today. If you adjust that price for inflation then it would be $30-35 in today's dollars. That's pretty comparable to current RPG products.

  4. Yet another reason to return to the gold standard...just sayin'...

    Great find, Vince!