Friday, August 29, 2014

The Evil GM - Sexy COSPLAY Friday..

Don't remember Ash from Army of Darkness looking so good :)

I'm sure she was stopped a lot for pics.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Evil GM - National Ghostbusters day, August 28th, 2014!

Sources report that this weekend, is the 30th anniversary of the original Ghostbusters movie! 

Now you are saying, "so?"

Well that means the original movie will be released in a movie theatre near you! What better way to celebrate this classic movie, by going to the movies, seeing Ghostbusters and then breaking out the original Ghostbusters game by West End Games or even the Savage Worlds Ghostbusters. I even heard if you dig deep enough you can find a SJ Games Ghostbusters.

Do it.. Do it NOW!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Evil GM - Fantasy Grounds..$9.99 monthly fee for ultimate license? Watch out!

I just saw this at the fantasy grounds website, after seeing a posting from the Savage Bloggers network that Fantasy Grounds, the Virtual tabletop is now offering their ultimate license, which allows a GM to host and players don't have to pay, for a monthly fee of $9.99!

Yes you do have to download software, but the software is simply amazing, and blows away's web based program. You are only limited by your connection speed for how many players you can have connect and they don't need to buy the anything. 

Sure, in the long, long run, if you are playing for over a year, the cost will go over the one time fee of $149, but if you are strapped for cash like most gamers, a monthly fee is well worth it. The benefit is, you find a group. play for a few months, the group dies out, you only lost maybe $50.

So you do the math, $149 one time fee vs the $9.99 monthly fee...

The Evil GM - 5 Minute Mini-Games - Free RPGNOW product!

I was looking around RPGNOW and I found an interesting little product by Chaotic Shiny Productions, called 5 Minute Mini-Games. Its description as listed above is a simple 9 page document for your game and can be adjusted for any system, from Classic D&D all the way to D&D 5E.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Evil GM - AD&D 1e - Why Race and Class restrictions in the game..

E. Gary Gygax wrote, (Dragon #29, Sept. 1979, p12):
"The character races in the AD&D system were selected with care. They give variety of approach, but any player selecting a non-human (part- or demi-human) character does not have any real advantage. True, some of those racial types give short-term advantages to the players who choose them, but in the long run, these same characters are at an equal disadvantage when compared to human characters with the same number of experience points. This was, in fact, designed into the game. The variety of approach makes role selection more interesting. Players must weigh advantages and disadvantages carefully before opting for character race, human or otherwise. It is in vogue in some campaigns to remove restrictions on demi-humans — or at least relax them somewhat. While this might make the DM popular for a time with those participants with dwarven fighters of high level, or eleven wizards of vast power, it will eventually consign the campaign as a whole to one in which the only races will be non-human. Dwarves, elves, et al will have all the advantages and no real disadvantages, so the majority of players will select those races, and humankind will disappear from the realm of player character types. This bears upon the various hybrid racial types, as well."

Monday, August 25, 2014

D&D 5E is Inclusive..

I've never really seen this word inclusive used SO MUCH in an RPG before. Now it seems to be popping up in Wizards of the Coasts D&D 5E, it’s like everywhere as if we need to be reminded. Now before you go off in a tirade and start posting nasty comments, keep reading.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Video Wednesday, Metagame!

Looking around the web, my eyes fell on as I am always looking for funny things to watch or D&D related videos. I happened to find this little gem of funny and D&D, called Metagame. It reminds me of the movie Gamers, and how they cut back and forth between players and characters. Its only like a minute and a half long for the pilot episode, but the issue that the group argues over is funny as hell, check it out, support them!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The GM is losing their mind...and is a DICK!

An interesting topic came up the other day when I was speaking to a few gamer friends as they complained about how their GM was really controlling and basically started being a "dick" as they called him.

After speaking with them, and having them give me examples of his style of running a game, it appeared it was a new GM, just over his head. The GM often flipped flopped on rules, and always paused the game to find a rule, which he had to know, because he didn't believe what the group told him to be the truth.

My first piece of advise was to give this guy a break from GM'ing for a few weeks to get his composure and then sit down as a group to define how things will be handled.

Such as:

1. Rules will be looked up, but not take longer then a few moments as to not "ruin the mood".
2. A ruling can be made by the GM during the game to fore-go looking up rules, but it must stay the same through out the session that night.
3. Various house rules
4. Various different ways people like things handled
5. Break time

Those are just to name a few, and I am sure there is a 10000000 more things I could list, as I told them they don't have it as bad as a few people that had been in my face to face group.

Then I told them the "Story of Michael the DM", how he was a guy who had not played in 20 years and started to pick it up and run the game as written. Which is fine, some like to run it as written, no problem there.

The problem was this guy was a know it all type person, who thought he knew the rules, but really did not. 

Example of this was during a game, two players who had not played in 20 years themselves, asked if they can use a charm spell on these wolf like creatures, and instead of looking it up, he said, "yeah sure, you can do it.." I knew this was not the way to use the spell, but its not my game, and I don't like being "that guy" who tells the DM how to run his game...So these players used the beasts to their advantage and used them to protect themselves.

Also during the adventure the group was picking up various things, such as old swords, shields, pieces of armor to sell and make some money. Yes they wrote down all encumbrance, made sure it was all legal. The night ended, and fast forward a week we meet up again, and the DM has a prepared speech!!

The sum of the speech was that, the players took advantage of his lack of knowledge, and thus will not be awarded any gold or any experience for last week's adventure. Also, this game is not about going out picking up everything you see to sell for profit, its all about exploring and figuring out puzzles/traps, and thus those who picked up everything, those items are lost. He also went on to say, that its not his job to know everything little thing in the game, and should be able to trust the players, even when he makes a judgement call. Going forward, the Charm spell no longer exists in my campaign.

Half the group walked that day. This game we play is to have fun, if we make mistakes who cares. The game is what we make it, not what one person believes it should be.

What he should have done, was walked in, and admitted his mistake on the spell and said going forward it can not be used that way.

After hearing that story, these people decided to give the newbie GM a fair chance, sitting down with him, talking things out.

What do you think?

Monday, June 16, 2014

AD&D Creature Venonat

SIZE: Small
DAMAGE: 1d4 (bite)
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Sleep Stare, Signal Beam
TREASURE: Determined by GM
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral


The Venonat travels around the nice warm country side or forest minding its own business. This creature is very unpredictable in what it will do. Most of the time it will just tend to run away from anything it deems a threat, but when cornered it will attempt to use its special attacks on their foe first, then resort to the actual bite attack. 

Signal Beam is a special attack, that the Venonat like to use first. This attack is done by using their antennae, the antennae will quickly vibrate, and a loud humming sound will be heard. All those around the Venonat must make a save vs breath weapon that are with 20' of the creature or become confused (as per the spell) for 1d6 rounds. During this time the Venonat will either scamper away or stand around to watch the chaos they've created. They take pleasure in creating chaos.

When the Signal beam does not work on all foes, the creature will use Sleep Stare.

Sleep Stare is a special attack. Any foe looking directly at the Venonat will see their eyes pulse and glow bright red. Any foe starring at the creature will have to make a save vs spell or instantly fall asleep for 2d6 rounds. During this time the creature will attempt to steal anything that appears shiny and run away with it. It will not pick pockets, but will take anything that will appear shiny that is visible.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Crackle's TV Show Chosen, Great gaming story line?

I found this little gem of a show on my ROKU last week, located on the Crackle network. Crackle is a network that provides various Movies and TV shows for free, but has commercials. Its a lot like Hulu, but not as popular or known as well. Crackle also produces their own original shows like everyone is doing these days.

Now the premise of this show is:

"Chosen" follows Ian Mitchell -- a husband, father and lawyer -- who awakens one morning to discover a mysterious box on his doorstep containing a loaded gun and a photo of a stranger he must kill within the next three days. Ian quickly learns that if he doesn't kill this man), he may be killed himself along with his daughter who is being held hostage. Confused and desperate, Ian is transformed from an ordinary man into an unwilling assassin who must risk everything to protect his family."

Click here for the IMDb information:

Crackle's Chosen

So onto gaming...

Could this be a great side campaign for a smaller group of players? Maybe if you know that a few players will be out of town, and you still want to gather up and play, that this could work?

Of course it could.

Ideas that quickly come to mind, a cult is targeting some semi-important people in a large town, the character finds this box at his door early in the morning at the local tavern. inside the box a drawn picture of the target, a date, and maybe a dagger in the box, or a red X over that person's picture. If the character ignores it or tries to avoid it, you as the GM can implement the same steps done in the TV show... attempted times to hurt or kill the character.. maybe they find out someone is after them, get the local "guards" involved, but the character quickly finds out that guard they spoke to was not really a guard after he or she does some digging.

With a little work, it CAN WORK.

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